My name is Edit Jakab and under my trademark LadaLeather you will find my handmade leather creations designed and made by me. Every piece I create is unique, in many cases there is no more than one from that very thing.

LadaLeather About
LadaLeather Atelier

How it all began

My passion to leatherwork began when I was 14 years old. Since I’m developing specific set of skills needed. 

I work mostly with cowhide, but I do use different types of leathers as well. When it’s possible I use leather oddments, such as old leather jackets, clothes, belts — or simply leftover leather scrap. I also scout several second hand boutiques for some gripping pieces for my shop — but that takes a lot of luck! 

As my leather working skills got polished-up, I decided to create a kind of trademark to brand my work so you could distinguish my creations from the others. My brand is called “LADA LEATHER”, which refers to my vintage 1920’s pedal-operated Lada sewing machine, although, I sew mostly manually with the help of several special instruments, but sometimes sewing machine helps a lot. 

LadaLeather Sewing machine

My style

As to the style of my creations, I would say that it mainly comes from my personal taste and they represents the simplicity and functionality of the products.

Nowadays I do experiment with inclusion of felt and another textile materials, which I combine with leather to create long lasting solid pieces, which won’t fall apart in a half year for sure. I also would like to point out that my leather workshop is very ecological – since I am using a lot leather oddments and scrap, from which I can create actual leather goods.

This way I am contributing to waste reduction and promoting reusing of goods and materials. In my opinion a well-made leather case should have a long lifetime during which it changes its surface by certain patina and it will never be too used or too old as it gets just nicer along the way.  I hope you will enjoy the page and will find something what matches your style.

Check it out 🙂